Thinking of Skipping the Home Inspection? Think Again

Home InspectionSince home inspection isn’t mandatory in some parts of the country, some buyers skip it in an attempt to save money and streamline the buying process. But it makes no sense to put a huge sum of money on what will likely be the biggest purchase of your life without even knowing what you’re getting into. 

Thinking of skipping the home inspection? Think again. 

Reveal the big picture

During a home inspection, the inspector examines the different parts and systems of the house. At the end of the process, they’ll tell you the current condition of the house and provide a written report of everything they found in the house. 

The home inspection report provides potential homeowners a clear picture of the property you’re buying. Considering the amount of money you’ll be putting on this property, you want to make sure that the house you’re investing in is in good condition. 

Forecast future costs

Home inspectors will help you determine repairs and maintenance that needs to be done once you move in, as well as in the long run. Major issues such as foundation problems, plumbing problems, electrical problems and roof problems can lead to costly repairs. Home inspectors can give you an estimate as to how much money you need to spend to take the house to a condition that is personally acceptable. 

Safety issues

A home inspector can determine safety issues such as mold, carbon monoxide, faulty wiring and radon. These issues can lead to serious safety and health risks. Are you willing to put your family’s health and safety at risk? 

Provides an out 

A home inspection may cost you $300 to 500, depending on the size and age of the house. You might be tempted to skip the home inspection and use the money elsewhere, but please resist the urge to do so. Being aware of the issues that are present in the house prevents you from spending thousands and thousands of dollars on repair down the road. Hence, allowing you to save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

If you’re not comfortable with the result of the home inspection, you are free to back out of the deal. In most cases, buyers are able to recoup their earnest money.