Curb Appeal Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Home Sale

It is essential to pay attention to your home's curb appeal when selling it. Potential buyers will make their initial judgments based on your home's curb appeal. It can make or break your home sale. 

If your home looks cluttered, untidy, or poorly maintained, you may scare potential buyers away. You may have to wait for a long time to sell your home, and your sales price may suffer as a result. 

Here are four curb appeal mistakes that can sabotage your home sale. 

Dying plants and flowers

Colorful plants and flowers will add visual interest to a shady yard and add instant curb appeal to your home. But if those once beautiful flowers have turned brown, they're going to have quite the opposite effect. 

Get rid of dead plants, leaves, and flowers. Spruce up your yard and make sure it looks great. 

Poorly lit walkway

We bet you know your yard like the back of your hand, but potential buyers don't. Some buyers choose to drive by the house they're interested in after office hours. Since it gets dark early during this time of the year, potential buyers will have to walk in the dark if you fail to turn on the light. 

A poorly lit exterior will not only create a negative impression; accidents and injuries may also happen when sellers fail to keep their premises adequately lit. 

Cheesy yard decorations

When you're preparing your home for sale, it is essential to decorate your home to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Just because you think your collection of pink flamingos look pretty, it doesn't mean everyone else will like it too. 

Even if your home might be bargain-priced, you may see buyers squealing their tires away from your home because of those cheesy decorations. Please do yourself a favor and put them in storage boxes for now. 

Ignoring the little details

Tending to your lawn and a fresh coat of paint may go a long way in improving your curb appeal, but what about the little details? The tattered awnings, rutted wood shutters, and rusted-out carport may not seem like a big deal, but buyers are going to notice it. Don't ignore the little details.