Approximately 80% of all homes nationwide are inspected prior to closing, and this number is rising! The home inspection has become a standard part of the real estate transaction in most states.

  • Standard Inspections - Normally conducted for Buyers so they receive an overview and "Non-Biased" opinion of the home they are looking at. This is a complete inspection with a written report designed to inform and educate a buyer about the overall condition of the home.
  • Move-in Certified Inspections - Primarily for Sellers who want to know what is wrong, and gives them the opportunity to repair the home before a Buyers inspector finds problems.
  • Builder’s warranty inspections - This is a great tool for homeowners who purchase a "New Home". This inspection is normally conducted before the 1st year of warranty runs out by the builder.
  • Maintenance inspections - There are more than 3,000 operating components in a home, they do wear out. This occurs quielty and slowly, so most people forget or do not notice minor problems as they begin.
  • Relocation inspections - When moving into or out of an area, it is a great idea to have an expert in the area look at the home you are purchasing. Construction techniques vary around the country that you may not be familiar with.
  • Ancillary inspections (such as radon, pool/spa, carbon monoxide, etc.) -
  • Commercial inspections - These inspections are designed for understanding the facility as well as looking out for the safety of anyone that may be entering the premisis.
  • And MORE!