Why You Should be Landscaping Your House During a Home Sale

There are lots of things that need to be done before putting your house on the market. Deep cleaning, staging, mortgage application, and the list goes on. Sometimes, sellers are too focused on beautifying their home that they fail to pay attention to the exterior.

Your house may look lovely and well-staged. You are not ready to put a for sale sign on the lawn, but is did you even stop to consider how your landscape looks?

Here are 3 reasons why you should be landscaping your house during a home sale.

Improve curb appeal

Considering how many properties are on sale, it’s not easy to capture the attention of prospective buyers. If you want to sell your house fast and for top dollar, you want to make sure that it stands out. Improving your home’s curb appeal is a great starting point.

First impression is important when selling a house. If the grass turned brown and the yard looks unkempt, buyers may not even want to look inside. They may think that the owner failed to take care of the house. Landscaping makes your home look warm and inviting. Plus, it makes a great first impression on potential buyers.

Increase the value of your property

In order to make the most money out of your property, you need to make sure that it is in pristine condition. Home improvement projects such as kitchen upgrade, floor refinishing, and landscaping will not only make your house look great; they can also add value to your home.

Depending on the home’s original value and the type of landscaping, you are likely to see an increase of 5.5 to 12.7%. Let’s say your house is worth $300,000, this translates to an extra $16,500 - $38,100.

Freshen things up

Most homeowners would repaint the interior walls and powerwash the exterior walls prior to selling. This will help freshen things up a bit. While you’re at it, you may also want to hire professionals to freshen up your yard.
If your yard looks dull and boring, add some plants and colorful flowers. This will make your yard look properly maintained. Plus, future homeowners will not have to worry about tacking the lawn themselves.